CSR in Romania

As vrea ca aplicarea RSC ca strategie de afaceri sa fie acel ceva care va permite Romaniei o dezvoltare durabila. Pentru moment, cel mai important si recent studiu pe Top 100 companii de la noi din tara ne arata ca responsabilitatea mediului nostru de afaceri e doar o fatada, marketing social si filantropie.

Va trebui ca noi - societatea, organizatiile, cetatenii sa impingem lucrurile spre acel viitor care sa le permita supravietuierea si generatiilor viitoare.

joi, 19 noiembrie 2009

My Romanian CSR experience

Now that a good friend of mine from the UK has decided to follow my blog, I feel responsible to publish once in a while a post in English. I hope that my Romanian followers will understand, accept and still comment my views. I had a meeting today with a couple of students whose graduation papers I am coordinating. They were quite happy, saying that it's a great thing to write a paper on CSR because there are so many nice and positive actions happening in Romania. And then both my pessimism and academic rigour came to surface and I had to state again that what you see is not what you get when you are talking about CSR. In my view it is fair to both praise champions but also to name and shame those who are breaching the most basic rights or laws and regulations.

I have an example of a big mobile phone UK player on the Romanian market which has set out a foundation with the same name to deal with their philantropic matters. I have never seen a less transparent structure, the budget is unknown, you never receive a reply to an email, when you ask what type of projects will be financed you are being completely ignored. Still the corporation is positioning itself on the market as a responsible institution, and produces a CSR report every year. It says it is playing the CSR game by the book - too bad that this year they have massively sacked Romanian workers and have sent all the profit they have made on the Romanian market to the shareholders in the UK or elsewhere. It's all about games and making the rich richer sometimes, CSR is a good cover. These are things that I would like my students to see...that's the role of a civil society, that's the role of youths. So go, dig, find out, name and shame, praise the champions, use your critical thinking and reveal the truth...and the truth shall set you free :)

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inter-pares spunea...

I completely agree. I have had the same experience trying to understand the motivation of this organisation.

Surely the true measure of genuine CSR is the transparency of an organisation in sharing not only the activities that they engage in, but the details of their motivations, and the ultimate success and challenges they face. Mike Waldron p.s. thanks for the English blog

inter-pares spunea...


Camelia Crisan spunea...

It's not going to be a fully English blog - just a post once in a while...for my English readers :)